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Tuckahoe Root Canal

Where can I find root canal treatment in Tuckahoe?

For some patients, the very words “root canal” can still elicit apprehension. However, the truth is that with modern dentistry and anesthesia, root canal therapy is actually a highly effective method for relieving dental pain. In fact, there are 15 million root canals performed in the United States each year, with a stunning 95% success rate. For patients in Tuckahoe root canal treatment is made easily accessible through the offices of Lake Avenue Dental.

Tuckahoe Root Canal

As performed by your experienced dentist at Lake Avenue Dental, a Tuckahoe root canal is a precise and gentle procedure designed to treat teeth that have been damaged by extensive dental decay or injury. While your tooth is completely numb, our dentist will clean out the damaged tissues, disinfect the inside of the tooth and then sealed it with a biocompatible filling material to prevent any subsequent problems. All told, a root canal causes no greater discomfort than a common dental filling, and in many cases can be completed in a single visit to your dentist. With proper care, a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy can go on to last a lifetime. Following your Tuckahoe root canal procedure, we’ll recommend the best restoration to beautifully rebuild the natural form and full function of the involved tooth.

At Lake Avenue Dental, we offer a comprehensive selection of dental services designed to meet the needs of every member of your family. Helping to maintain the optimal oral health of our patients, while providing a comfortable and stress-free dental experience are the top priorities at our office. For more information on a Tuckahoe root canal, or for any additional information on our office as well as other dental procedures that we provide, give us a call today. We look forward welcoming you to our state-of-the-art office for care.

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